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Asim Javed

Framework Architect

Asim Javed holds a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Oxford, and is a distinguished Enterprise Agile Coach and SAFe® Program Consultant with over 30 years of experience in IT management, software development, training, and coaching. He specializes in leading executives and senior leadership in planning and executing enterprise-wide Agile transformations. His exceptional presentation, facilitation, coaching, and training skills are evidenced by testimonials from class attendees who highly recommend him.

In his career, Asim has coached leadership, middle management, programs, and teams in Lean-Agile and Product Management methodologies, principles, and practices. Notably, he has successfully managed programs and projects valued up to USD $70 million, directly managed O&M and Capital Budgets over USD $6 million, and created strategic IT plans in collaboration with senior management. Additionally, he holds an MS Azure AI Certification, further solidifying his credentials as an expert in AI and agile methodologies.

Arun Saraswat

Chief Methodologist

Arun Saraswat’s journey to becoming the Chief Methodologist at MindPropel is a story of relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the field of Enterprise AI and Agile methodologies. His career, marked by pivotal roles at AT&T, Lockheed Martin, and IBM, reflects a deep commitment to transformative technology solutions.

Arun’s expertise, honed through significant roles as an Enterprise Agile Coach and Technology Consultant, coupled with his certifications in AI applications and governance, positions him uniquely at the forefront of AI-driven enterprise innovation.

His approach, a blend of Lean Startup and Strategyzer methodologies, underscores his dedication to driving change and delivering value in the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative AI. At MindPropel, Arun’s rich tapestry of experience and vision crafts the pathway for companies venturing into the dynamic world of Enterprise Generative AI.

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